About us

BUWOG Group GmbH is the leading full-service provider in the Austrian residential property market. Based on the theme of "happy living", all of our 68 years of expertise flows into the development and management of our projects.

The foundation of BUWOG is its extensive and long-standing expertise in every area of construction and housing. To meet the highest standards of quality for our customers, we take advantage of synergistic effects arising from individual business area such as the planning and construction of new buildings, sustainable portfolio management and profitable unit and portfolio sales. With the business areas of Asset Management, Property Sales and Property Development, we cover the entire value chain of the residential sector in Austria.

BUWOG Group GmbH currently has approximately 21,300 units in Austria as well as about 5,100 units in the development pipeline, which is focused on the capital city of Vienna.

Since November 2018 BUWOG Group GmbH has been a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, Europe's leading residential company, which has its headquarters in Bochum (Germany).


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