Business model

BUWOG Group GmbH's business model is based on three essential areas of business: Asset Management, Property Development and Property Sales.

With rentals and management, Asset Management is BUWOG Group GmbH's historic core business and most profitable activity. Here we combine our expertise from the areas of rentals, operation and management of our own units. The portfolio is continually optimised through active rental management as well as maintenance and investment measures.

In Property Sales, BUWOG Group GmbH concentrates on the value-maximising sale of individual units, entire buildings and smaller portfolios whose full value potential has been reached from the company's perspective or whose profiles are no longer in line with the company's regional strategy. BUWOG Group GmbH focuses on the continuous expansion of profitable unit sales, taking advantage of the current attractive market environment. At the same time, the portfolio is undergoing adjustment peripheral locations, as the company can benefit from its regionally optimised sales structures.

In Property Development, BUWOG Group GmbH bundles residential development projects with properties for its own portfolio and for direct sale upon completion. The activities are concentrated exclusively on the demographically and economically strong region of Vienna, where BUWOG Group GmbH has numerous years of experience and quite exceptional local market knowledge, which is crucial for the early identification and acquisition of potential development opportunities.

With this highly diversified, integrated business model, BUWOG Group GmbH sets itself apart from comparable companies on the Austrian residential real estate market and offers its customers a full-service package.

The income of BUWOG Group GmbH does not depend solely on the rental business (Asset Management), but is supplemented by recurring income from Property Development and Property Sales. A significant share of the income from development and sales is sustainable and predictable and therefore represents a recurring component of operating cash flow.

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