Management of BUWOG Group GmbH

Under the umbrella of the German Vonovia SE, the management of BUWOG Group GmbH in Austria is composed as follows:


Andreas Holler
Managing Director 

As managing director of BUWOG, Andreas Holler has been responsible for the areas of project development, construction management, sales and acquisitions since the end of 2013. Beginning in 2008, prior to joining BUWOG, Holler worked for IMMOEAST and IMMOFINANZ in a variety of management positions in the investment, residential property and development business. As managing director between 2008 and 2011, he was in charge of development projects, real estate portfolios and corporate investments in Central and Eastern Europe and played a particular role in supporting development projects in residential construction and the commercial segment in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. In 2011 he was appointed CEO of the once-listed IMMOFINANZ subsidiary ADAMA, a leading residential property developer in Southeastern Europe. Andreas Holler has a degree in business administration from Boston University's School of Management and has completed the INSEAD Young Managers Programme in Fontainebleau.


Valerija Karsai
Managing Director 


Valerija Karsai has been in the real estate business since the mid-90s and gained initial experience in the sale of large-volume residential and commercial properties. In 2003 Karsai joined Wüstenrot Immobilienvermittlungs GmbH, where she was in charge of sales management and the management of about 30 employees. From 2007 to 2009 she was also a managing director there and was responsible for the development of the real estate brokerage business in several provinces. On joining Wüstenrot Versicherungs AG in 2009, she also moved into asset management, where she was head of property management in Austria until 2016. Since 2016 she has been in charge of property management as managing director of BUWOG.

Kevin Töpfer-web.jpg

Kevin Töpfer
Managing Director



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