Apartment-hunting with a swan: Successful end to the BUWOG summer campaign


A special BUWOG summer campaign has come to a successful conclusion. For the cross-media marketing and international image campaign, BUWOG had sent the two swans Erich and Emil on tour for six weeks. Extensive promotional activities in Vienna and Berlin accompanied the two animal ambassadors, flanked by advertising in target group-oriented media and social media posts.

“We see our unusual summer campaign as a positive success and have achieved an excellent level of involvement among the target groups. The successful storytelling, the intelligent integration of the various online and offline channels as well as the engaging public appearance of our promoters proved to be absolute success factors to further boost the recognition of the BUWOG brand, both in Austria and in Germany,” explains Ingrid Fitzek-Unterberger, Head of Marketing & Communication at BUWOG.

Erich in Vienna

With the campaign, BUWOG had played to a large number of channels and locations in a concentrated manner. Between 16 July and 9 August 2019, Erich the swan went apartment-hunting with BUWOG Group GmbH in Vienna. Flying the nest in search of a place of his own, the young bird explored a broad range of new construction projects and, on Instagram (@erich_sucht) and in his online diary (www.erichsucht.at), presented the diversity of projects being developed by the leading full-service provider in the residential real estate sector. Promotional teams gave out free ice cream and informed interested passers-by of the special prize draw at all of Erich’s rest stops at hotspot locations throughout Vienna.

Emil in Berlin

The German campaign started one month later with an approach optimised for the Berlin market. Here BUWOG Bauträger GmbH sent Emil the swam out apartment-hunting. His tour of BUWOG’s new building projects from Spandau to Grünau was addressed to the target group via online diary, Instagram and Facebook. Involvement was guaranteed with promotional campaigns and a raffle. After the successful completion of the on-site events, the German campaign is going into an online extension with participation possible until 15 September 2019 at www.emilsucht.de.

Award-winning marketing & communication

BUWOG has received several awards for its marketing and communication in the past, including two German Brand Awards in the categories “Excellent Brand” (2019) and “Brand Strategy” (2018). The EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE BRAND INSTITUTE determined a brand value of 92.71 for the BUWOG brand in 2019 and awarded it the REAL ESTATE BRAND AWARD. In 2018, BUWOG was also awarded a CCA Venus in Austria for its “Bitte verurteilen Sie uns nicht” [“Please don’t judge us”] campaign.



About BUWOG Group GmbH

BUWOG Group GmbH is the leading full-service provider in the Austrian residential property market and now looks back on 68 years of expertise. Its property portfolio encompasses approximately 21,300 units and is located in Austria. The development pipeline in Vienna includes approximately 5,000 units. In addition to Asset Management, the entire value chain of the residential sector is covered by Property Sales and Property Development. BUWOG Group GmbH is a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, Europe's leading residential company, whose headquarters are in Bochum (Germany).

Credit: BUWOG / currycom

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