BUWOG awarded the “equalitA” quality seal for the promotion of women within the company

  • Extensive measures for gender equality and the compatibility of career and family
  • Significant percentage of women in management positions
  • Nearly two thirds of all employees are female

BUWOG has been awarded the "equalitA" quality seal by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs for the first time. This is an important recognition from an independent public body of the company's extensive measures to ensure equal opportunities for women and men and is only awarded if strict criteria are met. "equalitA" distinguishes companies that promote women internally, ensure gender equality within the company and that support and call attention to women's careers, thereby facilitating the professional equality of both genders within the company and beyond.

"equalitA is truly a special award for BUWOG," HR Manager Astrid Lassner explains. "And on a very personal level, I’m delighted that the equal treatment of women and men and unrestricted career opportunities for women, which have long been the case here at BUWOG, have now received official, external recognition.”


Role model for gender equality

In terms of gender equality, BUWOG is exemplary in numerous respects: 63 percent of all employees are female, which is significantly more than the industry average, and 40 percent of management positions are held by women.

Active management of parental leave keeps mothers and fathers up to date and part of the team even during their time off, making it easier to return to work after the birth of a child. In addition, BUWOG is undergoing the “Work and Family” audit and, based on this, has optimised the possibilities for part-time work and flexible working models and established training courses on the topic of "family friendliness". "Equal treatment doesn’t consist solely of commitment, but of numerous large and small measures in everyday operations," Lassner says. "This requires a continuous process that can also never be completed."

BUWOG Managing Director Valerija Karsai emphasises that the efforts for equal treatment are also in BUWOG’s best economic interest: "This is the only way the talents of every employee can be promoted and availed as well as possible. We reduce fluctuation, strengthen motivation and also counteract a shortage of skilled workers. Equal treatment isn’t a handout to anyone, but an essential prerequisite for our long-term success in business.”

Fotocredit: BUWOG

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