BUWOG Christmas donation: solidarity and social responsibility in a time of crisis

  • EUR 30,000 in support for Wiener Tafel: extension of a refrigerated warehouse for improved food supply for poverty-stricken people
  • EUR 10,000 donation for the Volkshilfe initiative "MutSchaffen" to combat child poverty ensures long-term aid for eight children

Christmas is just around the corner, and the season is calling more than ever to help those in need. For in this year marked by the Corona pandemic and its economic effects, the suffering of a large number of people is even greater, and the crisis is plunging more and more people into poverty. Thus in our society social and solidarity-based action is of even greater importance. BUWOG will therefore provide strong support to Wiener Tafel to care for people impacted by poverty and to Volkshilfe in the fight against child poverty. "We are pleased to provide support to various projects and associations; as Austria's largest private real estate company, it is an element of our corporate identity to assume social responsibility. This year there is even greater need for us to provide support to those affected by poverty and exclusion," says Kevin Töpfer, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH.


Food supply for those in need

"Give it away, don't throw it away":  BUWOG is very pleased to support this idea for Christmas 2020 and – with its second donation this year to Wiener Tafel – is helping poverty-stricken people as well as the environment.

Together with more than 350 volunteers, Wiener Tafel, a social and environmental organisation financed by donations, has been rescuing food still fit for consumption from rubbish for more than 21 years, thus providing food for around 19,000 people in poverty. To be able to provide even more meals for poverty-stricken people in the future, an initial large refrigerated warehouse is to be put into operation in 2021 following extensive refurbishment. This next stage of expansion, namely the construction of new refrigerated warehouses at the Vienna wholesale market, will benefit from BUWOG's donation.      


Fighting child poverty together

Child poverty is still a sad reality in Austria. Corona has worsened the financial situation of families at risk of poverty further: those who had to get by with little before the crisis are now facing even greater hardship. According to Volkshilfe, more than 300,000 children and young people in Austria, i.e. about every fifth child, are currently at risk of poverty.

The aim of "MutSchaffen", an Austria-wide fundraising Volkshilfe campaign, is to raise public awareness about the problem. The focus is on the children's needs, improving their living conditions, protecting them from further exclusion and giving them the chance to develop and lead a good life through long-term assistance.

BUWOG would like to provide encouragement to children affected by poverty, and with its donation will ensure that eight children will receive support for at least one year.

Fotocredit: BUWOG

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