BUWOG: residential real estate also a secure investment in the future


Stability and security – values that are extremely important, especially in times of crisis. Since its foundation in 1951, BUWOG, the leading full-service provider on the Austrian residential property market, has stood for attractive and high-quality housing that offers a secure investment and stable environment, now and in the future.

"Unlike other asset classes, residential real estate is only dependent on economic fluctuations to a very limited extent. With our portfolio of around 22,500 residential units in Austria and a development pipeline that currently comprises around 6,200 apartments here, we consider ourselves securely positioned for the current corona crisis", says Andreas Holler, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH. As a subsidiary of the German company Vonovia SE, which further enhanced its liquidity just recently, BUWOG also benefits from its parent company in terms of financial stability.

Demand for housing remains high

Housing is a basic human need and is also a form of investment that is resistant to crises, which is why demand remains high, regardless of the tense situation at present. "The strong demand, particularly from long-term investors, is a clear sign of confidence in BUWOG as a company and in real estate as an investment form", Andreas Holler says. "Moreover, we offer housing seekers comprehensive tools and opportunities to find their desired housing with us, even in times of  restrictions on social gathering and stricter hygiene measures. These include, for example, customer-friendly viewing videos as well as the possibility for signing purchase contracts and handing over apartments contactless".



BUWOG is the leading full-service provider in the Austrian residential property market and now looks back on 69 years of expertise. Its property portfolio encompasses approximately 22,500 units and is located in Austria. The development pipeline in Vienna includes approximately 6,200 units. In addition to Asset Management, the entire value chain of the residential sector is covered by Property Sales and Property Development. BUWOG Group GmbH is a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, Europe's leading residential company, whose headquarters are in Bochum (Germany).

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