BUWOG supports Wiener Tafel's corona emergency aid programme

  • EUR 5,000 donation for food salvage and supply for poverty-stricken people
  • Major increase in the need for food requires solidarity now – BUWOG sets an example
  • Wiener Tafel develops process for contactless food distribution

The emergence of the novel coronavirus has not only entailed a health crisis but also an economic crisis that poses enormous challenges for the country. People who are particularly at risk of poverty now often find themselves in a life-threatening situation. As Austria's largest private real estate company, it is especially important to BUWOG to assume social responsibility and to offer rapid assistance, now more than ever. A donation to the Wiener Tafel charity has provided strong support for the corona emergency aid programme, which the renowned social association initiated recently. A newly developed system for the contactless distribution of products makes it possible to salvage large quantities of food and distribute it to people in need, despite the difficult circumstances.

Solidarity in a time of crisis

Due to the corona crisis, aid organisations such as the Wiener Tafel have had to drastically reduce their work. In recent weeks, donations of food and materials have rapidly declined, and many volunteers are no longer able to help because they belong to the risk group as a result of their age. This makes it all the more crucial that a way to distribute food in compliance with strict hygienic standards was found. In the TafelHaus at the Vienna wholesale market, food is distributed contactless to around 100 social institutions.

Valerija Karsai, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH, hopes that the support provided by BUWOG will set a precedent and that other companies will make a contribution to the corona emergency aid programme: "Solidarity and support for those who urgently need it is imperative. With our donation, we would like to help ensure that around 19,000 poverty-stricken people continue to be supplied through the Wiener Tafel, even in difficult times". Furthermore, the donation is intended to draw attention to the Wiener Tafel's outstanding work and the urgent appeal for donations, Karsai says. "We look forward to other companies and private individuals joining us soon".




BUWOG is the leading full-service provider in the Austrian residential property market and now looks back on 69 years of expertise. Its property portfolio encompasses approximately 22,500 units and is located in Austria. The development pipeline in Vienna includes approximately 6,200 units. In addition to Asset Management, the entire value chain of the residential sector is covered by Property Sales and Property Development. BUWOG Group GmbH is a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, Europe's leading residential company, whose headquarters are in Bochum (Germany).


About Wiener Tafel

Wiener Tafel is a social and environmental association financed by donations, which collects up to four tonnes of surplus food that is no longer intended for sale and would be destroyed from around 150 companies every day. Approximately 350 volunteers working for Wiener Tafel distribute these products immediately and free of charge to 100 social institutions in Greater Vienna, where they benefit 19,000 poverty-stricken people. Supporting Wiener Tafel is quite simple: with a donation of EUR 1, Wiener Tafel can provide up to ten poverty-stricken people with food!


Fotocredit: BUWOG / Thassilo Hazod


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