Committed to biodiversity: BUWOG establishes population of honeybees in Rathausstraße


BUWOG is setting aside space for five beehives and a total of a quarter of a million bees on the rooftop of its customer and administrative centre in Vienna. The initiative, being carried out in cooperation with Viennese start-up Hektar Nektar, supports the goal of increasing the number of bees in Austria ten percent by 2028 in order to make a measurable and sustainable contribution to species conservation.


Some 250,000 new “employees” started working at BUWOG on 21 July 2021. As part of PROJEKT 2028, the largest digital bee conservation initiative in Austria and Germany, five beehives were installed on the rooftop terrace of the BUWOG customer and administrative centre at Rathausstraße 1 in Vienna. This contribution to species protection and the promotion of biodiversity will also generate a supply of in-house honey in the coming years.

“We are delighted to be a partner in this great project by transforming our customer and administration centre into a place of sustainability in the heart of Vienna’s city centre,” says Kevin Töpfer, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH. The founder and CEO of Hektar Nektar, Mark Poreda, explains: “So far we have been able to save more than 24 million bees with PROJEKT 2028 and the support of the business community. Thanks to BUWOG, we are now adding another quarter of a million to that number. Both for BUWOG and for us, sustainability is a central part of the corporate DNA. It takes strong and committed partners from the business community to achieve our goal and make a measurable impact on species conservation.”


Promoting urban bee populations

The new home for the honeybees comprises five beehives, which have been placed in such a way that they do not interfere with the use of the terrace. An experienced beekeeper, responsible for the peaceful coexistence of bees and humans, will be looking after the bees all year round to ensure both the well-being of the insects and the safety of the staff.

The issue of species protection, especially the establishment of bee populations, has been on BUWOG’s agenda for a long time. At several of its residential projects, for example, the company has already made sure to include the right plants and nesting sites for bees. “We believe it is only logical to also provide urgently needed habitat at our corporate headquarters in order to promote the bee population and biodiversity in the city,” says Kevin Töpfer. “My colleagues and I are already looking forward to following the work of our beekeeper and tasting the first BUWOG honey soon.”


About Hektar Nektar and PROJEKT 2028

Hektar Nektar is a Viennese impact start-up that has been dedicated to bee conservation since its founding by Martin and Mark Poreda (formerly kununu) in 2017. With PROJEKT 2028, the largest digital bee conservation initiative in Austria and Germany, Hektar Nektar brings together businesses, private individuals and beekeepers to work together towards the same goal: increasing the bee population by ten percent within ten years. Companies establish bee colonies on their premises, thereby ensuring local pollination. Private individuals get involved as bee sponsors, thereby making a direct contribution to increasing the number of bees. Wild bees benefit from the support of selected wild bee conservation projects. So far, the number of bees in Austria and Germany has been increased by more than 26 million. Hektar Nektar also operates the first digital bee marketplace for fair and safe trade in bees.

Fotocredit: BUWOG

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