Green quality of life: BUWOG's "Kennedy Garden" project receives the "Greenpass" certificate

  • Recognition for a model sustainable BUWOG project
  • "Greenpass" certifies outstanding international projects in climate-resilient urban planning and architecture
  • "Kennedy Garden" to bring 512 condominiums and rental apartments to Penzing by the end of 2022

Approximately one month since construction began, BUWOG's large-scale "Kennedy Garden" project has already received its first award for its innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. On 1 October 2020, BUWOG was awarded the "Greenpass" certificate in silver for the project's conception and continuous optimisation regarding adaptation to the challenges of climate change. "Greenpass" provides internationally effective verification of quality for the climate resilience of buildings, neighbourhoods and open areas.

Andreas Holler, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH, views the award as further confirmation of sustainable project development at BUWOG: "With 'Kennedy Garden', we are proving that sustainable urban living can be brought to fruition in an attractive way. This recognition shows we are on the right track and encourages us to find further responses to the challenges of urban housing in an era of extreme weather conditions, increased temperatures and pollution as well as dense development."

At BUWOG, all of this is based on the premise that climate protection must be affordable for residents. Thus "Kennedy Garden", for example, also offers a wide range of housing: in addition to 273 condominiums distributed across four components (planning: LOVE architecture and urbanism ZT GmbH), 114 rental apartments (planning: Architekt Podsedensek ZT) and 124 rental apartments under the Vienna Housing Initiative (planning: clemens kirsch architektur) are being built.


"Greenpass" awards climate-resilient urban planning

"Greenpass" certification is a scientifically developed, internationally applied standardised testing procedure for optimising and confirming the climate-related quality of life, cost-effectiveness and impact of a project. The effects of buildings, materials and plants are analysed, optimised and certified in six subject areas (climate, water, air, biodiversity, energy and costs).

BUWOG's audited "Kennedy Garden" project was further optimised in the course of the certification process most of these subject areas, thus it ultimately received the silver certificate with an overall degree of fulfilment of 54%.

The auditors praised the concept of the neighbourhood and its substantial amount of greenery for its high level of thermal comfort, low proportion of sealed surfaces (37%) and high degree of total leaf area of approximately 2.6 hectares due to the numerous green areas and plants on the premises. The regenerative mechanisms of nature serve to enhance the well-being of the residents. For example, the building greenery cools the surrounding areas on hot days, while the rooftop greenery keeps heavy rainfall at bay while creating pleasant places to spend one's time. "Kennedy Garden" can therefore be seen as a model urban residential project for necessary solutions concerning adaptation to climate change.


Sustainable living in the city

In "Kennedy Garden", numerous other measures are also being carried out to ensure a high standard of sustainability. These include the ecological construction method as well as the energy-efficient heat supply, the use of PV panels and urban gardening areas. As with most new BUWOG construction projects, electric charging stations including retrofitting options for further expansion and extensive bicycle parking spaces will also be available in "Kennedy Garden" once completed. Now that the project has been awarded the "Greenpass" certificate, the aim is to be awarded the klimaaktiv certificate.


Fotocredit: BUWOG

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