Green residential oasis for Vienna: construction of "Kennedy Garden" has begun

  • Large-scale BUWOG project in Penzing with 274 condominiums and 238 rental apartments
  • Extensive range of services: family-friendly housing to rent or to own, offers for single parents
  • All-around sustainable: greening, energy efficiency and climate-friendly mobility

As is well known, a garden is often imagined as paradise. For many, a refreshingly green environment and living close to nature is a housing idyll even today, particularly in an urban setting. BUWOG's "Kennedy Garden" project provides a wide range of options for various target groups: once completed at the end of 2022, 512 condominiums and rental apartments distributed across six buildings will make idyllic, contemporary housing in an oasis of greenery possible in the midst of the bustle of the city. Construction officially began in September 2020. With a nod to the Kennedy Bridge over the river Wien, which was named after J. F. Kennedy and is also a public transportation hub, the "Kennedy Garden" residential complex is being built at Penzinger Strasse 76, just a few minutes' walk away. Between individually designed architectural structures, there is a spacious green garden area that lends the project the second part of its name. "Kennedy Garden is currently one of our most ambitious projects: over the next few years, we intend to develop an entire quarter here with a wide range of apartments, original architecture and a high quality of sustainability," says an enthusiastic Andreas Holler, managing director of BUWOG GmbH.

Six components in a harmonious ensemble

In Penzing, a district characterised mainly by its greenery, the future residents of "Kennedy Garden" will benefit not only from a variety of recreational areas, but also from optimal transport connections. The immediate vicinity also features the world-famous Schönbrunn Palace with its enchanting palace garden as well as a wide array of infrastructure and restaurants. The six components of "Kennedy Garden" form a secluded haven of peace and retreat. With their muted colours and visibly individual character, the buildings form a diverse yet peaceful ensemble. Particular attention is paid to the individual apartments' sizeable open areas, including terraces, balconies, loggias and private gardens.

The 273 condominiums are distributed amongst the components "Primula", "Hortensia", "Magnolia" and "Calla" (planning: LOVE architecture and urbanism ZT GmbH). 114 apartments are being constructed in "Lavandula" (planning: Architekt Podsedensek ZT), while Orchidea" (planning: clemens kirsch architektur) provides 124 rentals in the scope of the Vienna Housing Initiative with its focus on housing for single parents.

The extensive, adjoining open and green areas serve as recreational zones and communication areas, while the paths running between the components are lined with lawns and various plantings. An underground car park and facilities such as a fitness area in "Magnolia" are available for the residents of all buildings to use.

Model example of versatile housing

Kennedy Garden apartments are highly versatile and meet a variety of contemporary user needs, requirements and lifestyles. The apartment floor plans are designed to meet the needs of families and smaller households. All units feature balconies, loggias and terraces – personal open spaces which, as additional areas for recreation, create a sense of home for the most discerning standards, in addition to the universally accessible green areas. Some of the apartments have marvellous rooftop gardens, while a large number of the ground floor apartments have their own private gardens. The various categories of fixtures and fittings provide individual housing solutions, all including a digital media supply via a fibre optic connection. Numerous apartments provide an added level of comfort with auxiliary cooling via floor heating, multi-split air conditioners in the penthouse units, and smart-home services for added convenience.

Model project for social mixing

The versatile range of housing in "Kennedy Garden" will also be reflected in the diversity of the future residents. In addition to condominiums and rental apartments in various price segments, "Orchidea" will offer rentals in accordance with the Vienna Housing Initiative. In this part of the building, which is designed particularly for single parents, an inclusive architectural concept with a variety of common rooms will be built to meet the increased demand for social interaction.

The park between the buildings will be particularly family-friendly and geared to a variety of needs. It offers quiet areas as well as numerous play and recreational facilities for children and young people. Those who love to climb can enjoy the bouldering walls on the existing retaining walls, and hobby gardeners can enjoy the community garden in the centre of the complex.

Green environment for a sense of well-being

Spacious green areas with lush vegetation are being created in the complex. The intensive and extensive plantings will have a positive effect on the microclimate due to shading and increased humidity and will enhance the level of residents' well-being. The green environment will cool on hot days, the rooftop greening will repel heavy rainfall while simultaneously creating pleasant spaces to spend time. At the same time, the plantings can make an important contribution to greater biodiversity in the city.

Sustainable living in the city

Mobility plays a major role in sustainable and environmentally friendly urban living – today and in the future. For this reason, extensive bicycle parking facilities are planned for the entire "Kennedy Garden" area. As is now almost standard in most new BUWOG construction projects, charging stations are also available in "Kennedy Garden". In order to permanently ensure electromobility or to expand it as needed, retrofitting options are already planned for the 25 stations.

Most of the necessary solutions for adapting to climate change in urban areas also concern energy supply. Energy-efficient heat generation in "Kennedy Garden" is achieved with a condensing gas boiler system and two heat pumps, which are designed as brine systems and are also operated by PV panels. The earth is used as a source of heat, which provides relief to the environment and keeps heating costs low. These integrated measures and alternative forms of energy in energy-efficient systems are creating future forms of green housing in the city and have already been awarded the Greenpass certificate. The goal of the project now is to be awarded the klimaaktiv certificate in silver.

The special innovative potential of "Kennedy Garden" lies in the future-oriented integration of high-quality, attractive residential buildings with a substantial level of sustainability, various uses of green areas and all the advantages of urban living. BUWOG Managing Director Andreas Holler: "Thus the project is also a response to the challenges facing urban housing in an era of climate change, increased pollution and growing densification. A central maxim is that climate protection and our personal well-being are inconceivable apart from one another. "Kennedy Garden" will make this tangible.


Fotocredit: BUWOG / infinity eleven

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