International Property Award: BUWOG's "ERnteLAA" is a showcase project Europe-wide

  • Due to its variety of sustainability measures, "ERnteLAA" was compelling as the "best sustainable residential development in Europe"
  • Important award which is path-breaking for future project development  

With the 5-Star Award at the European Property Award 2020, BUWOG's "ERnteLAA" project qualified for participation in the International Property Award competition and was an immediate success there as well: on 4 February 2021, the award committee announced the winners in an online ceremony, naming "ERnteLAA" the "best sustainable residential development in Europe."

"An award like this is preceded by an incredibly high standard of submissions, after all, it's basically the bets projects across Europe competing against one other. The fact that with 'ERnteLAA' we were convincing across national borders fills us with great pride," says an enthusiastic Andreas Holler, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH. "For us, the award is a sign that we've taken the right steps, particularly with regard to environmental and climate protection. It's part of our self-image as a property developer to also take responsibility for society and the environment. In this respect, we view projects implemented with a similarly diverse array of sustainability measures as trendsetting for future project development at BUWOG and for our European colleagues in the industry."

The International Property Award is a step beyond the regional European Property Award: after the best projects per country are honoured in the European Property Award competition, they are then compared at an international level. In both cases, the submissions are judged by an international jury of experts consisting of real estate experts, architects and journalists. The projects are evaluated on the basis of amenities, location, architecture, sustainability and innovation and the accompanying marketing activities.


 Green, greener, "ERnteLAA"

Planned by M&S Architekten, the "ERnteLAA" showcase project comprises 31 privately financed rental apartments and 160 rental apartments in the scope of the Viennese Housing Initiative; the floor areas range from 51 sqm to 116 sqm.

Tenants can expect a comprehensive sustainable concept from the front door to the penthouse floor. Problematic building materials were avoided and ecological materials such as low-emission wall paint were used instead.                        
The lush façade greening is visible from afar by means of trellises for climbing plants. Gardens open to general use are located on the rooftop. The intensive greening not only makes the complex climate-resilient against increasingly frequent weather phenomena such as persistent heat and heavy rain: the plants can retain rainwater and release it at a delay, thus easing the strain on the sewage system and preventing flooding. They also evaporate water, creating a cooling effect that noticeably improves the quality of life while saving energy costs. While the climbing plants on the façade act like a natural curtain, the extensive greenery helps insulate the building against heat and cold. The south-facing range of loggias also serves as large-scale sun protection. The energy supplied to "ERnteLAA" via district heating and an integrated heat recovery system is therefore supported and made more effective by natural means.

The plantings also reduce noise and pollution, which has a positive effect on health and well-being.    At the same time, the following can make an important contribution to greater biodiversity: the installation of 22 nesting boxes for building-related animal species will provide a home for protected species such as swifts, house swallows and bats, but also the house redstart and titmice. A wild bee hotel is being installed to preserve the bee population.


Environmentally friendly through city and countryside

Meischlgasse is optimally connected to the public transportation network: with the U6 (Erlaaer Straße station) located in the immediate vicinity, it is possible to reach Karlsplatz in just 25 minutes, with Vienna's local trains (Badner Bahn at the Neu Erlaa station) in half an hour. In order to promote public transportation, every household receives an annual pass for Wiener Linien when they first move into the building.

For getting around in the city in an environmentally friendly way, residents have two charging stations for electric vehicles, a car-sharing electric car for rent and electric bicycles for hire. Bicycles can be stored safely and securely in 400 bicycle parking spaces, and private cars can be parked in the building's own underground garage.

Credit: BUWOG / Stephan Huger

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