International Property Award: two flagship BUWOG projects win Europe-wide awards

  • The SUNSET penthouse at MARINA TOWER wins in the category “Apartment/Condominium”
  • With a local supplier, school and sports ground under and on top of one roof, the multifunctional component in the large-scale RIVUS project wins in the category Public Service Development
  • Important, trend-setting award for project development in the future

With the 5-Star Award at the 2021 European Property Award, no less than five BUWOG projects qualified for participation in the International Property Award, with two of them successful there as well: on 25 February 2022, the organising committee announced the winners at an exclusive ceremony in London, and the SUNSET penthouse at MARINA TOWER as well as the RIVUS School project won at the international level.

“To receive an international award for two such different projects fills us with immense pride,” says an enthusiastic Andreas Holler, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH. “The awards confirm that the diversity of our development activities is in line with the times and even trendsetting. Whether for lifestyle, sustainability or the public good – we give our utmost in every area of construction and housing and very much appreciate the international recognition we receive for this.”

This is the second consecutive time that BUWOG has won the International Property Award: in 2021, ERnteLAA was honoured as a Europe-wide showcase project for its sustainability.

The International Property Award is a step beyond the regional European Property Award: after the best projects per country are honoured in the European Property Award competition, they are then compared at an international level. In both cases, the submissions are judged by an international jury of experts consisting of real estate experts, architects and journalists. The projects are evaluated on the basis of amenities, location, architecture, sustainability and innovation and the accompanying marketing activities.


Innovative concept for use

At the centre of the large-scale “RIVUS” project, a multifunctional commercial building with a local supplier, a primary school with 17 classes and an associated rooftop sports ground was completed and opened in summer 2020. In the interest of sustainable project development, a photovoltaic system was also installed on the rooftop to cover a part of the demand for electricity.

"With this building component in the heart of the complex, we were able to bring to fruition a highly unusual concept that now has also been recognised throughout Europe: our multifunctional building concept combining local supply, education and sports saves on space and provides the necessary infrastructure for the residents,” a delighted Andreas Holler says.


High life on the Danube

A joint project by BUWOG and IES Immobilien, MARINA TOWER was completed at Handelskai along the banks of the Danube at the end of January 2022. It offers a high-quality living experience in all 511 units. In addition to the numerous services available to residents, a special highlight is the total of six penthouse apartments on the residential tower’s top floors. One of them, the SUNSET penthouse, has now won an international award. “In MARINA TOWER the atmosphere itself is already quite special, and of course it’s overwhelming on the top floors. The SUNSET penthouse is particularly suitable for those who love the west side, for the golden light of the setting sun creates a truly extraordinary atmosphere with a view over the city,” Holler says. The corner floor plan facing multiple directions provides space for four bedrooms and opens up magnificent vistas of Vienna's city panorama.

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