Luxury above the rooftops of Vienna: sales launch for penthouse apartments in MARINA TOWER

  • Exclusive residential living between the sky and the water
  • One-of-a-kind: six penthouse apartments individually planned and designed
  • Scheduled completion by summer 2022

MARINA TOWER is already a piece of the sky in itself: on Handelskai along the banks of the Danube, the joint project by BUWOG and IES Immobilien is gradually growing upward and will offer high-quality residential living in all 511 privately financed condominiums when completed by summer of 2022. In addition to the numerous services that will be available to the residents, the six penthouse apartments on the upper floors of the residential tower are an exceptional highlight: "Each of our penthouses in MARINA TOWER is one-of-a-kind," says Andreas Holler, managing director of MARINA TOWER Holding GmbH. "They stand out due to their own line of amenities and a very special orientation toward the variable city setting." 

"With the penthouse apartments' sales launch, we are setting another milestone in the development of our joint project," adds David Hofmann, also managing director of MARINA TOWER Holding GmbH. "Each of these flats is the result of the highest level of craftsmanship and elaborate planning and conceptualisation. The impressive visualisations already hint at future residents' extraordinary sense of home living." 

The penthouse apartments in MARINA TOWER 

The exclusive character of the penthouse apartments becomes apparent in their exceptional design. An individual name and the potential for individual design lend each penthouse its own personal touch, while the visualisations show what it can look like. "Projects such as MARINA TOWER and the penthouse apartments, in particular, are aimed at a clientele that knows exactly what it wants. Of course this also goes hand in hand with the demand for a sense of individuality, which is considered down to the last detail in the planning involving special requests," Andreas Holler explains. "This way buyers can make their very personal dream home come true."                                                         
What all of the penthouse apartments have in common are the especially high-quality amenities: floor heating and cooling as well as multi-split air-conditioning and controlled room ventilation ensure an optimal indoor climate. High-quality rustic flooring and elegant, large-format porcelain stoneware are used for the floor coverings. The sanitary rooms will feature elegant fixtures and fittings and, in some cases, free-standing bathtubs. The exterior façades of all of the penthouses will be glassed in, providing an unobstructed view of the Danube and the city in every room. 

All of the penthouse apartments extend across three levels: two levels for living, one level with spacious open areas. This results in total floor area ranging from 204 sqm to 294 sqm and terrace areas from 77 sqm to 120 sqm. "At a height of around 139 metres, the private open areas are a compelling unique selling point of the MARINA TOWER penthouse apartments," David Hofmann adds.



The CITYLIGHTS penthouse is defined by clean lines and shapes as well as an unmistakable elegance that harmonises perfectly with the lateral view of Vienna and the Danube. With three bedrooms and three en-suite bathrooms, the duplex penthouse is compelling with its U-shaped floor plan and high-ceilinged open spaces, and with the bedroom and living room interiors merging seamlessly into the expansive outdoor areas. 


The INFINITY penthouse is impressive with its floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces and lush atrium as well as a south-facing 89 sqm rooftop terrace. Three bedrooms including a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom on the second level of the duplex penthouse provide ample space to regenerate, while an open-plan layout on the first level is similar to a cocktail lounge. 


AQUA symbolises the connection between the sky and water. The split-level floor plan provides space for three bedrooms with three en-suite bathrooms as well as a spacious living and dining area. The design has a Zen character and easy-going feeling.


The SUNSET penthouse is for those who love the west side. The golden light of the setting sun creates a relaxed setting in which the city centre lies beneath the feet of its future owners. The corner floor plan with multiple vistas provides space for four bedrooms and has magnificent views of Vienna's city panorama.


The SUNRISE penthouse is the first choice for people who want to be awakened by the first rays of morning sunshine. A corner floor plan over two levels, four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a spacious indoor and outdoor lounge as well as dining and living areas facing the rising sun offer freedom for creative development and a sense of harmony.


The loft-like SKYLINE penthouse offers a type of residential living familiar in big American cities. Open and light-flooded yet cosy and with options for private retreat. One particular feature is the spacious living room with its view of the Alte Donau. 


The purchase prices for the penthouse flats in MARINA TOWER start at EUR 2.5 million.

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