Shower of awards for BUWOG: 3 projects in 4 categories win the European Property Award

  • International award for "Inside XIX", "Kennedy Garden" and "ERnteLAA"
  • Successes in the categories "Residential Renovation / Redevelopment", "Residential Development Multiple Units", "Social Housing" und "Sustainable Residential Development"

This year's European Property Awards took place on Friday, 11 December 2020. Unlike usual, this year's award show was not held in the scope of a festive gala night in London – due to Corona, this time the participants were only able to connect virtually.

Yet this is not the only reason this year's award ceremony was something extraordinary for BUWOG: Austria's biggest private developer succeeded with three projects in four categories this year and also received the 5 Star Award for the projects "ERnteLAA" and "Inside XIX" in the categories Best Sustainable Residential Development Austria and Best Residential Renovation / Redevelopment Austria.

The submissions were judged by an international jury, including real estate experts, architects and journalists. The projects were evaluated based on amenities, location, architecture, sustainability and innovation, and the accompanying marketing. "The fact that we were able to convince the jury of experts this year with three projects in four categories makes us incredibly proud. This proves that our project development not only has its finger on the pulse throughout Austria, but can also keep up with international standards and even exceed them," says Andreas Holler, managing director of BUWOG Group GmbH. "The three projects submitted are fundamentally different and it's an enormous pleasure that this diversity is also recognised in the award competition."


Inside XIX

The project "Inside XIX" on Gatterburggasse in the 19th district was awarded the 5 Star Award in the category "Best Residential Renovation / Redevelopment Austria". The special feature of this project: Döbling's former district office is being revitalised and a new building is being added. That means by autumn of 2022 a marvellous symbiosis of tradition and modernity will be created, comprising a total of 116 new residential units – 15 in the existing building and 101 in the new building. Atelier Heiss is responsible for the architecture.

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Kennedy Garden

"Kennedy Garden" was twice as successful: the overall project consists of six architecturally diverse components (LOVE architecture and urbanism ZT GmbH, Architekt Podsedensek ZT and clemens kirsch architektur) with a total of 512 residential units and was awarded in the category "Residential Development Multiple Units". Upon completion, one of the components ("Orchidea") will consist solely of rental apartments under the Vienna Housing Initiative and won the European Property Award in the category "Social Housing". By the end of 2022 "Kennedy Garden" at Penzinger Strasse 76 will be a green residential idyll with excellent connections and infrastructure.

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"ERnteLAA" is considered a sustainable pioneering project and already won the GBB Sustainability Award in 2016. After its completion in autumn of 2020, the climate protection measures implemented in the project were recognised with the European Property 5 Star Award in the category "Best Sustainable Residential Development Austria". The project in Liesing (M&S Architekten) encompasses a total of 191 rental apartments, 160 of them under the Vienna Housing Initiative.

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