Property ownership

Property ownership

As the owner of a residential dwelling or apartment complex, you have made a sensible investment in the future. However, this also involves a substantial amount of responsibility – rental agreements have to be prepared, the building has to be managed and, in certain circumstances, also refurbished. This is a considerable amount of work that we would like to relieve you of in our function as a full-service provider. 

We will be pleased to handle any matters pertaining to your property:

  • Service through a personal partner
  • Optimal coordination of resources
  • Less organisational effort
  • 24-hour emergency service (in a residential property in agreement with the owners' association)

Contract management made easy

The legal obligations associated with the ownership of a condominium or apartment complex can be quite extensive. We handle these responsibilities for you. They range from the preparation and conclusion of rental agreements and related service charges.

  • Preparation and conclusion of rental agreements and related service charges
  • Collection procedures for rents
  • Management of security deposits
  • Indexation of rents
  • Effective dunning procedures
  • Conclusion and termination of caretaker agreements

For us, the transparent management of all monetary matters goes without saying. We therefore ensure that you always have an overview of your property's current liquidity. We support you with ...

  • Long-term optimisation and handling of maintenance and operational costs
  • Preparation of the statement of maintenance costs
  • Transparency through detailed assessments and statements
  • Preparation of rental invoices and the charging and collection of rents
  • Dunning and collection procedures for rent
  • Preparation, coordination and hiring of a lawyer for rent- and eviction-related complaints in court
  • Management of security deposits
  • Preparation of documents for the tax office
  • Recognition, posting and management of all business transactions
  • Credit statements
  • Charges and statements for rent and maintenance costs for rentals and parking spaces
  • Payroll for caretakers
  • Preparation of annual statement

Caretaker services by a full-service provider

For owners of a residential building there is always something that has to be done. With BUWOG as a full-service provider at your side, you benefit from our services and from favourable conditions with our service providers.

This is an overview of what we offer:

  • Handling official channels and insurance matters
  • Processing insured damages
  • Monitoring existing insurance protection for the property
  • Transfer and acceptance of existing properties
  • Periodic inspections of the building and common areas
  • Hiring and organisation of all maintenance, service and cleaning activities
  • Tenant meetings and decision-making in compliance with the Austrian Condominium Act
  • Non-routine meetings with building managers
  • Processing any insurance claims
  • Information centre for all parties

Anticipatory refurbishment management

A property is an investment in the future and should therefore be equipped today for tomorrow. Thus sooner or later, there will be a need for refurbishment or improvements. We will be pleased to provide you with our services so you can profit from your investment for many years to come:

  • Regular review of the condition of the building
  • Budget planning for all maintenance and improvement work
  • Planning and tendering of (major) contracts incl. the preparation of various provider specifications
  • Decision-making within the owners' association
  • Coordination, management and supervision of construction work



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