Residential property

Residential property

As the owner of an apartment, you have decided on a safe investment for the future. However, this also entails enormous responsibility and a range of obligations, starting with the preparation of the rental agreement, contacting the relevant officials as well as the tax office, and financial management. With refurbishment activity and caring for the property, you will face complex responsibilities.

We would like to support you in this and will be pleased to handle any matters pertaining to your property:

  • Committed and competent support
  • Less organisational effort
  • Favourable conditions due to bundled order volume
  • 24-hour emergency service (in agreement with the owners' association)

Financial management with perspective and foresight

For us, the transparent management of all monetary matters goes without saying. We therefore ensure that you always have an overview of your property's current liquidity. We support you with ...

  • Long-term optimisation and handling of maintenance and operational costs
  • Transparency through detailed assessments and statements
  • Preparation of documents for the tax office
  • Recognition, posting and management of all business transactions
  • Credit statements
  • Charges and statements for rent and maintenance costs for rentals and parking spaces
  • Payroll for caretakers

aretaker services by a full-service provider

There is always something that has to be done in a residential building. But not for you, because we handle the job for you. We take care of everything year round – from cleaning to winter services and organising tenant meetings. With our ongoing services, you, of course, benefit from the favourable conditions that we can arrange with our partners due to large order volumes. This overview shows you that for BUWOG it really is about "full service":

  • Processing insured damages
  • Periodic inspections of the building and common areas
  • Hiring, organisation and billing for all maintenance, service and cleaning activities
  • Tenant meetings and decision-making in compliance with the Austrian Condominium Act
  • Non-routine meetings with building managers
  • Processing insurance claims – from reporting and repair and billing
  • Assessing the reasonability of existing insurance protection
  • Information centre for all parties

Anticipatory refurbishment management

Refurbishment and improvements are necessary to be prepared today for tomorrow. We take care of this and assist you with everything from planning to supervision and completion. This enables you to benefit from profitable investments for many years to come. We support you by paying attention to the following:

  • Regular review of the condition of the building
  • Budget planning for all maintenance and improvement
  • Planning and tendering for (major) contracts incl. the preparation of various provider specifications
  • Decision-making within the owners' association
  • Coordination, management and supervision of construction work



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