Tenant service

Tenant service

An overview of relevant forms can be found here to download, as can information on the statement of maintenance and heating costs.

Maintenance costs

The operating costs are allocated to the tenants on the basis of a distribution key and calculated according to floor area, unless otherwise agreed. BUWOG Group GmbH provides the invoice to the tenants within one year of the end of the billing period. Depending on whether there were overpayments or differences, the lessor or tenant settles the relevant amount.

Excluding heating and hot water and listed in full in Section 21 of the Austrian Tenancy Act (Mietrechtsgesetz, MRG), the maintenance costs include:

    • Water supply and disposal

    • Sewage

    • Street-cleaning/rubbish disposal

    • Chimney sweep

    • Operation of lift

    • Outdoor and stairwell lighting

    • Gardening

    • Property tax

    • Housecleaning

    • Caretaker

    • Insurance policies

    • Laundry facilities

Heating costs

The heating costs comprise the costs of operating central heating and hot water supply systems as well as the costs of the commercial heat supply. The resulting heating costs are allocated by the lessor to the tenants. The annual statement compares the total costs calculated and the advance payments made. If there are differences or overpayments, these are settled by the tenant or lessor.

The heating costs include:

    • Electricity costs

    • Maintenance costs

    • Fuel costs

    • Costs for measuring emissions

    • Any equipment costs

    • Heating contracting (base price, working price, meter charges)



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